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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Development problems...

When I received my negatives back from Sam's Club two days ago I was mortified with what they called processing film. My negatives had residue on them (it looks to me like they didn't do a perma wash) and I had to give all of the prints back and only pay for the negatives because they had printed one roll backwards and then there was residue coating the other roll.
Since I don't have photo chemicals or a large industrial dryer at home I made due with my hair dryer and bathroom sink to wash the negatives off that were coated with water marks. God they put me through a huge hassle over something that was supposed to be so easy. So I scanned in all the negatives and just like I thought, the graduation pictures came out pretty dark (due to the horrible lighting provided by the Van Wezel) and since I was sitting so far back the faces are tiny. Thus I am only including a couple of pictures from both of the rolls of film. At least I got a good portrait of Jack out of all of this, which I am going to upload on DA as well because I really like the photo. ^_^
I will be getting my 7 rolls of film back from Boston this coming week. I shot these using an old Yashika camera and 400 Fujifilm.

Friday, June 20, 2008

First post!

Hello all! I'm horrible at keeping blogs up to date, but if all else fails, I will x-post my DA posts to here (and include enhanced images).

I made this account to try and keep in touch with everyone who has recently graduated from RSAD. Hope I can continue to update this thing in the future.

Kelly f.