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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dog Portrait/ Leaving

I'm finishing up with Japan, spending 2 weeks in London and moving internationally back to the US. Things have been quiet on the blog, but I've still been working. Life has just been incredibly hectic with the move. I'm debating whether to call it quits on this blog and move to a tumblr as well. Blogspot seems like a very well and dead platform, but I've been trying to avoid tumblr just because of all the art theft that goes on around those parts. Speaking of art theft, I've had my share of that lately.

On to brighter topics. Here's an animal portrait I've just recently completely.
Client's original image:


This is my last animal portrait for a while due to the move and greener pastures. As you may/ may not have noticed... I've been directing my portfolio into a different direction. Come December, I'm grafting hard into the world of comics. This blog will either be exploding or a tumblr link may be coming your way. Who knows what the future holds?