Creative Works of Kelly f.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


These are the 3 plushies I made for my Toy Assignment in Thiel's class! Each of these range from 12"- 15" tall. The concept was combining animals. Below, are the original concept sketches...


Baileigh Bolten said...

Hey you!
These came out so adorable!
Im good at sewing costumes, but plushies totally escape my abilities so I am completely amazed by these XD

Kelly f said...

Thiel told me that they aren't functional enough to be toys. >_<;;

He said that these came out great, but how many times can I create toys?

BLAH! Anywho! I really loved these and I spent literally a whole weekend sewing my hands raw! BAWWW!!!!

What have you been up to? Any news on JET?