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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Costumes and Etsy

Let me preface this with saying that it's rare I post something crafty, but these bows came out looking so good, I just had to post it here. I recently made Halloween "costumes" for my two dogs. It was a mutual decision not to spend money on dog costumes from the store, so I decided to make these cute little bows for them that attach to their collars with elastic. My sister acquired some scraps of fabric from work and I already had the other materials. Here's the result:

Onto another topic, I've recently been featured on two journals of fellow etsy sellers. The first article is about having a Moulin Rouge inspired Halloween party and that can be found here:

The other article was specifically written about me. It is pretty informative and the first interview I've ever done. That can be found here:

Both articles are very well-written and are a good read! I'm honored to have been featured in both blogs. Please check them out!

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