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Friday, November 11, 2011

Daily Posts Intro

This week I had a realization. I’ve been in Japan since March and I only have a couple of quick sketches to show for it. I looked at my number of blog posts for this year and found it was only a fraction of last year’s total count. Sure I have excuses like having little time to draw after work, feeling burnt out after teaching children all day, adjusting to living in another country, etc., but really the only excuse was my own lack of motivation.

With that being said, I just finished working on the hardest and most time consuming painting I’ve done (the Mega Gods painting). Feeling motivated from the praises and recognition from the Mega64 crew and wanting to paint and commemorate my time in Japan, I’m attempting to do daily art from Nov. 12 th -Dec. 12 th . These will be posted daily starting Dec. 1 st .

As of right now, the idea is to portray objects I encounter and places I see or visit frequently that I feel are unique and specific to my life in Japan. I will be starting this tomorrow and I think these will all be in watercolor/ pen and ink due to time, portability and supplies I have available.

I hope this will adequately capture a month of my time here.

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MamaPanda said...

What a GREAT idea! I am really looking forward to seeing what art comes from this project. You are so incredibly talented!