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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thesis Process

So, some people have been wondering how I work and although I wrote up earlier how I do it, I decided that it would be clearer if I took pictures of the process.

First, I find really good reference. Sometimes I take it myself, sometimes I use stock photos on deviantart.

Next, I work up some sketches that are about 2- 3 times larger than the final print. I then scan those in and print them on watercolor paper.

I then paint in the flat colors and start to render. You can see a finished rendered piece behind my cup of water. The turn- around in the front has only the flat colors. I'm painting these in gouache.
Then, I go in and render some shadows and highlights in and re-scan in the painted pictures.
After scanning everything in, placing all of the images into one document and resizing everything, I add a textured background.
The final step is adding the line-work, doing some touch-ups, and adding textures! I will put the final piece up shortly!

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