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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Drowning Polar Bears Shirt Design

Here's some process work. Started with some thumbnails of shirt ideas. Yes, I will be making some of the shirts on here.

If you notice in the designs, there are some light marks behind the designs. I drew 6 t-shirts and was thinking about the contours of the body and how to highlight them while I was doodling the designs. Below is the tight-sketch and mock-up of the idea in Photoshop. I was playing w/ Threadless' submission pack and really liked their "Ocean Blue" t-shirt color. Fitting right?

After the mock- up, I vectored out the design in Illustrator. It's now ready to print (3 colors). Then, I brought the design back into Photoshop to do another mock-up; the final result.
Once again, the model and t-shirt photos belong to Threadless. Normally I shoot my own photos, but this was just to fictionally display the design of the (unprinted) shirt.

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Vargles said...

Makes me want to get back into making shirt prints but this time I actually want to purchase one and wear it. Do you know of a good place that does quality hoodie designs?