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Friday, August 14, 2009

Pokémon! My top 6

Alrighty! I have several mild obsessions in life. One of which, is cute, adorable things. Pokemon falls into this category (except for the bug pokemon... most which are just creepy). So, my friend Sara, decided for her open assignment at the end of the year, she wanted to draw herself with her 6 pokemon (should or could she ever be a pokemon trainer). After seeing the outcome, I decided this was a more than fantastic idea and wanted to do my own drawing, with me and my top 6! In order my top 6 are: Vaporeon, Dragonite, Suicune, Ninetales, Rapidash, Alakazam.

Here is the preliminary sketch:
Final painting (10"x 10" Ink and gouache):


Sara Joy said...

Alakazam is like, "Y'all wanna get down on this?"

[ Varg ] said...

Portion sizes are a little off. Alakazam is one of my top as well. My top would kick yours so bad!

Kelly f said...

and your top 6 are?

also- make your own pic! XP